BlitzPrep exists to elevate the lives of athletes across the country, and upon transitioning out of their careers in sports, illuminates the path toward meaning, fulfillment, confidence, and success.


The Athlete’s Journey

For too many of our young men and women, transitioning out of their careers in sports represents the biggest struggle of their entire lives. For the first time, they’re unprepared. They’ve trained, practiced, and worked tirelessly for years on end for a professional sports career that, in many cases, simply doesn’t materialize. When this happens, they need help, and it’s nowhere to be found. BlitzPrep not only provides this help, we provide a foundation for athletes to build upon—starting with the very first step and seeing them through to the finish line.

We turn this:

Without BlitzPrep

Into this:


“Shari Acho has a heart of gold and is one of the best motivators I’ve ever encountered. She will help you develop an understanding that nothing is impossible.”
— Jibreel Black, Cincinnati, OH, Defensive Tackle, University of Michigan, 2010–2014

What BlitzPrep PRovides:

  • Executive assistant services to current and retired athletes

  • Alumni athlete bootcamps

  • High school recruiting seminars

  • Collegiate and professional athlete workshops

  • Professional trainings for athletic administration staff

  • Comprehensive review and anlaysis of exisiting programs/services