BlitzPrep works across the educational continuum to provide a life-long foundation to athletes, so they experience a fulfilling transition out of sport.

Through BlitzPrep’s workshops and seminars, players will walk away with a deep understanding of the road they are about to embark on and be given the tools to feel prepared and confident, no matter where the journey takes them.

This presentation is the missing piece to transition for athletes.  It happens before they are ready to even think about the next chapter in their lives.  They have to deal with the loss.  Shari Acho will take your players down this road no one wants to go down to fill a potential gap in their lives when their sport ends.  Shari has an empathetic and raw way of connecting to help guide and open the conversation no one is having.  What will happen when it’s over?  


Prepare for the blind spots, rough patches, and the blitz of life

Graduation and retirement always come sooner than anticipated, yet the majority of athletes are unprepared for this next phase of their lives. Knowing what to expect, knowing when to expect it, and being armed with an understanding of how to navigate these challenges, is critical to a successful transition.


build the skills toward self-motivation and self-sufficiency

Athletes are told what to do and when to do it for most of their lives. What happens when there’s no one around to give that instruction anymore? Shari fills that gap through raw—yet authentic—coaching of her own, so athletes build the skills necessary to develop and execute their own plays in their lives after sport.


get excited about what comes next and prepared for the path ahead

In order to truly move forward, often times athletes have to mourn the loss of expectations they have around a career in sports, whatever those expectations might be. Shari provides a blueprint to athletes for taking what made them elite and helping them understand how to apply those skills and characteristics to their lives beyond the game.