Bring Shari to your school to support and enhance your already amazing programs and services. Let her take your programs and teams to the next level.

Shari Acho has spent the last 30 years recruiting high school athletes. She knows how to help parents and athletes prepare for the Recruiting Blitz from highly recruited players to getting noticed and on the radar if your son or daughter has not been contacted yet. Recruiting is happening younger and younger, so it’s best to be prepared. Bring Shari to your school today to speak to and educate your families.

Middle School and high school Athletes:

How do you stand-out? What are colleges looking for?

Shari inspires and motivates your young aspiring college athletes, and helps them to truly understand what coaches are looking for—how they can stand out, get noticed, and prepare.

Parent Education program

how to help your student athlete succeed.

Parents need information and understanding of the cut-throat recruiting process. Shari helps parents navigate this world with inside information and tips. She also shares information on how to get your son/daughter noticed by coaches and learn what it means to take official and unofficial visits to college campuses.

admins and staff training

how coaches and admins can better support their student athletes.

Shari ensures you’re knowledgeable about the latest rules in college recruiting so you can best prepare your athletes for the process that lies ahead.