Athletic administrative professionals are increasingly challenged to properly support their athletes off the field. BlitzPrep introduces a new and innovative way of thinking that helps athletes build independence post-sport.

Athletic administrative professionals are the unsung heroes of sport—devoted entirely to the success of their players. Shari Acho draws upon her 30 years of experience as a teacher, academic counselor, career coach and director of academic support to provide a unique professional development seminar to help your staff truly understand what happens with athletes once they leave. She helps you understand the influential role you play in their preparations for life beyond the game, and how you can make positive and lasting changes in the way you provide services and support to athletes to help vastly improve their post-sport experience and preparation.   

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more bang for your buck: how to maximize your programs and events budget

Every administrator is working tirelessly to identify cost-effective programming that’s engaging, impactful, authentic, and repeatable. Through our on-site workshops, we provide your team with a blueprint for a new way of thinking about athlete engagement and empowerment programs.

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increase attendance and motivation amongst student athletes

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have every event you put your heart, sweat and tears into fully attended and supported by your athletes, coaches and administrators?  Shari Acho gives you the tools to incentivize, motivate and increase participation in events that will, in turn, have huge impact on student athlete development. 

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learn new strategies for supporting your athletes during their post-college transition

With increased attention and budgets, more and more is being given to—and done for—our young athletes. We keep giving them fish after fish instead of teaching them how to fish in the first place. Shari Acho shares strategies for supporting athletes by teaching responsibility and independence.